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Katy Reko has a BFA in the Performing Arts for Musical Theatre and Design/Technical Theatre for Costuming from Wichita State University.

Katy's Artist Statement


I am a performer, a designer, and an artist. While my work is confined and constrained to the limits set by the script and the score, my true artistry is finding what is within those confines and exploring new paths to stretch the limits. I love taking a piece that has been overdone or beaten to death in the same way, and making it into something new, something the audience hasn’t seen before. Delving into the minds of the characters and discovering what new possibilities they have to offer is one of the most rewarding adventures because I get to become friends with someone new, even if they are fictional. The subtlety and nuances may be hard to find on paper, but I take the moments written on the page, important or insignificant, and I turn them into a memory in my own head and translate into a real human experience.

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